Uludağ Economy Summit, which is one of the key gatherings for the world of business and economy, will be organized on March 22nd-23rd. The Summit which will be organized 8th times in a row, will host over 1500 participants and over 100 speakers from Turkey and all around the world.

Uludağ Economy Summit, which is one of the most prominent gatherings of the world of business and economy and organized for the 8th year by Capital, Ekonomist and StartUp magazines will be held on March 22nd-23rd, 2019.

Over 100 speakers will participate in this Summit that is going to host over 1500 participants from Turkey and all around the world. Various sectors from industry to trade, manufacturing to retail and finance to technology will be held in Uludağ Economy Summit; the discussion will be on the developments that steer the world of business and economy.

The Summit which will host Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey and Mehmet Şimşek, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey as speakers will host foreign speakers as well, including Derik Kim, the President of Global Enterpreneurs Foundation; Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti Electric Car; and Shaun Rein, the founder of China Market Research Group.

In this Summit, 4 prominent names from the Presidency of the Republic will gather in Turkey’s Vision 2023 for the first time this year. Dr. Ali Taha Koç, the Head of Digital Transformation Office; Zafer Sönmez, General Manager of Turkey’s Wealth Fund; Arda Ermut, President of the Investment Office; and Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure will discuss Turkey’s future together.

Prominent people that steer Turkish world of economy and business including Adnan Bali, CEO of Işbank; Cem Boyner, CEO of Boyner Group; Colman Deegan, CEO of Vodafone Turkey; Hüsnü Özyeğin, Founder and Chairman of Fiba Holding; Hakan Ateş, President and CEO of Denizbank; Selim Kervancı, CEO of HSBC Turkey; Nihat Özdemir, Honorary Vice Chairman of Limak; Agah Uğur, Member of the Board of Borusan; Tansu Yeğen, CEO of Uipath Turkey; and Zaur Gahramanov, CEO of Socar will attend Uludağ Economy Summit as speakers. Daron Acemoğlu, Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the prominent names that will draw attention will attend the event this year.

The Summit to which Chairs of the Board of Directors and senior managers from big companies that represent Turkish business world attend will host international participations from several countries including USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Jordan, Nigeria, England, South Korea, Holland, China, Slovakia and Estonia.

Entrepreneurs that signed into successful businesses and innovations will share their innovations that lead the economy and their expectations through interesting subjects.

Uludağ Economy Summit will again host Stars of Region, a start-up contest this year. In this contest that will be held in cooperation with Galata Business Angels and Endeavor, participants will aim to address their ventures to Turkey’s greatest angel investors and start-up-friendly leaders to draw investment from them and to get the great award. It is anticipated that entrepreneurs from Europe, Africa, Middle East and the region in addition to Turkey will attend to this contest.

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