Vahap Küçük

LC WAIKIKI Chairman of the Executive Board

Mr. Vahap Kucuk was born in 1961, in Dogansehir, Malatya and completed his education in
Dogansehir. He was engaged in trade for a while in Malatya and then moved to Istanbul in
1990. Mr. Vahap Kucuk was one of the founding partners of Tema Tekstil Pazarlama A.S.
In the meantime, he completed the Strategic Business Management Expertise Programme
in Marmara University.

Mr. Vahap Kucuk had been the General Manager of Tema Tekstil Pazarlama A.S. for 10
years. Throughout that period, LC Waikiki succeeded to have the most prominent and
widespread dealer network in Turkey and became a market leader in several segments.
Within the same period, Tema Tekstil globally obtained all the rights of LC Waikiki and
thus, LC Waikiki became a Turkish brand. As for today, with the mission of “everyone
deserves to dress well”, LC Waikiki sustains its activities as a global Turkish brand in 58
countries in 4 continents, with 1300 stores and 57.000 employees.

Küçük, who has worked as CEO until 2003, has become the Chairman of the Executive
Board after 2003. At the same time, he has accomplished the establishment of Küçükler
Holding where all the partners belong to Küçük Family and he worked as Chairman of the
Executive Board. In 2013, Küçük has become the first Chairman of the Executive Board of
the Shopping Malls and Retailers Association Federation (TAMPF) which was established by
Turkey’s modern retail sector’s joined collaboration and performed his task until April,
2015. Vahap Küçük, currently works as the Chairman of the Executive Board of LC Waikiki
and the board member of Taha Holding. He is married and he has three children.


28 April Friday