Prof. Dr. Ali Hakan Kara

Professor of Central Banking and Financial Markets at Bilkent University, Economics Department

Hakan Kara is a former chief economist of the Central Bank of Turkey and currently a full professor of Central Banking and Financial Markets at Bilkent University, economics department. Mr. Kara worked at the Central Bank of Turkey as the head of research and monetary policy department and chief economist between 2008-2019. He collaborated with five different central bank governors and played a leading role in the analysis, design, communication and implementation of monetary and macroprudential policies in Turkey during the past two decades, before joining Bilkent University as a full time faculty in 2020. His social media account where he shares macroeconomics posts has reached half a million followers in three years. Hakan Kara has a Ph.D. from New York University economics department. He received his M.A. degree from Bilkent University on economics and B.A. from METU on electrical and electronical engineering. He has published regularly in leading scholarly journals, including Journal of International Economics, NBER Working Papers, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, and International Journal of Central Banking. Dr. Kara’s work has been cited more 5K times in academic papers.