İnanç Kabadayı

Ege Yapı Chairman of the Board

Born in 1974 in Istanbul, H. İnanç Kabadayı completed his secondary and high school
education at Kadıköy Anatolian High School and took his bachelor’s degree at Istanbul
Technical University Civil Engineering Department. İnanç started his professional career in
the most prominent real estate development companies and held many positions such as
Field Engineer, Project Coordinator and completed many distinguished projects.
Having gained many national and international experiences in the real estate sector, H.
İnanç Kabadayı opened a new chapter in his professional life by establishing Ege Yapı in
2006 and he currently is the Chairman of the Board. He has initiated many innovative
domestic and international projects such as first mixed-use project built on one plot, the
largest photovoltaic panel field installation in a residential building, the first hotel built with
top-down method in a superstructure building.
Acting on the principle of producing privileged projects that make people's life easier and
improve the quality of life, H. İnanç Kabadayı has integrated architecturally certified
systems such as smart, healthy homes, sustainable living, energy efficiency, reduced carbon
emissions and the use of ecological materials into the projects developed by Ege Yapı.
With The Superior Living brand, he brought an innovative perspective to the sector. He was
a pioneer in unearthing the rusting values of Istanbul through monumental restoration
operations and turning it into a center of attraction for culture and arts activities. He
supported the establishment of museums, exhibitions, galleries, and workshops to support
young and talented artists. Closely involved in many branches of art, H. İnanç Kabadayı
has contributed to the realization of many projects to date. He supported many social
responsibility projects to protect the environment and nature.
2 million m² construction projects have been developed under his leadership and as of
today, Ege Yapı successfully manages 950,000 m² of construction area in 10 different
locations. The Company carries out real estate development and contracting works for
branded residential projects, commercial units, mixed projects, hotel projects, shopping
centers, educational institutions, and investment projects such as service apartments.
H. İnanç Kabadayı, who constantly originates state of the art real estate project ideas for
robust evolvement of the sector. One of the most important achievement as a forerunner of
the sector he has led the establishment of the first Real Estate Investment Fund and the
development of the first Shared Housing System in Turkey. He closely follows real estate and
construction technologies on a global level, he invests in proptech and contech companies
through his venture capital company.
H. İnanç Kabadayı, who shares his views on the sector in many national and international
conferences and television broadcasts, is a member of the Real Estate Managers Association
(GYODER), Real Estate International Promotion Association (GİGDER) and Housing
Developers and Investors Association (KONUTDER). H. İnanç Kabadayı, who regularly
publishes blog posts on his personal page, writes articles on "Entrepreneurship, Urbanism,
Environment and Innovation".


28 April Friday 2023