Halit Gülbakanoğlu


Halit Gulbakanoglu was born in 1972 in Istanbul. He graduated from Department of Environmental Engineering at Istanbul University, aligning with his sensitivity towards environmental issues and his goals for the future.

After graduating, Gulbakanoglu embarked on his career in the digital world and held various positions at leading brands in Turkey such as E-kolay, fanatik.com.tr, and Hepsiburada. Since 2008, Gulbakanoglu has been the CEO of Nesine.com, the leading brand in the betting industry. Gulbakanoglu has played a significant role in making Nesine.com the strongest brand in the sector and has also provided leadership for many innovations the brand introduced in the industry.

Halit Gulbakanoglu's success is not only attributed to his professional talents but also to his passion for sports and healthy living. Gulbakanoglu enjoys watching all kinds of sports competitions and particularly admires the enchanting world of basketball.However, he not only enjoys watching sports but also prioritizes his own health by regularly engaging activities such as fitness, walking, swimming, and basketball.