Fulya Yalazen

Founder Director of the Test Education Centre

Fulya Yalezan is the only Turkish Consultant and also the only Turkish Education Guardian accredited by the Boarding Schools Association. Additionally, she stands out as the only Turkish Consultant authorized to provide official Guardianship and Consultancy services to foreign students in the United Kingdom, approved by AEGIS. Holding an Bachelors Diploma honours in Political Science and International Relations, she also completed an LLM in International Law. Her educational career has been enriched with a background in international English language exams, Teaching, and Examining, and a teaching diploma completed at Cambridge University. Yalezan has just completed her PhD in education management.

Moreover, Yalezan, with numerous significant international accreditations, has demonstrated her leadership and entrepreneurship abilities as the Founder Director of the Oxford Language Centre and the Founder Director of the Test Education Centre serving almost 3 decades in international education. Yalezan stands out as a consultant who prepares her students for the future by actively participating in numerous educational events and conferences and to continuously offer her students the best opportunities by improving her own international portfolio.