Daniel Doll Steinberg


Daniel started his career in 1991 in the global derivatives technology industry, the first true disruption that technology brought to the financial industry, creating the world’s largest global asset class. He led change management of the US operations of a major global bank in New York between 1995 and 1997. After which he founded a company which created one of the first global standards for Digital Rights Management (DRM), securing and delivering activation keys and content direct to resellers & customers, which helped transform the software and computer gaming industries.

He was appointed by the European Commission an expert advisor specializing in education, disruption, and Future of Work, and to the UK Government where he co-wrote the 2012 Innovation Report. In 2017 he founded the Atari Token Project to build a metaverse-based new economy platform with Atari, an Ethereum founder, and several gaming legends. He is now a founding partner at ‘active innovation’ venture capital fund EdenBase, and a cofounder at TransformBase, a forum for the responsible investment in and business adoption of AI and frontier technologies.

His book “Unsupervised”, published September 2023 by Wiley, is a Bloomberg Book of the Year that People in Power found Essential and explains how new technologies are impacting our lives and society, how we all need to seize the opportunity and what could happen if they are left unchecked.


27 APRIL 2024