Bulut Arukel

Co-Founder of Figopara

A recognized pioneer in the world of financial technology (fintech), Bulut Arukel has played a pivotal role in the sector's evolution, particularly within Turkey. His career embodies a journey of strategic leadership, most notably exemplified by his tenure as Co-Founder and Deputy General Manager responsible for Strategy at Figopara. During this time, he spearheaded global expansion efforts while solidifying partnerships with banks, financial institutions, and tech providers, significantly broadening Figopara's market presence. Arukel was also instrumental in driving Figopara's mission to make financial services more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Arukel's expertise extends beyond a single venture. His significant contribution to Foriba's success story, culminating in its acquisition by Sovos, underscores his proficiency in navigating the complexities of global markets. This strategic maneuver not only expanded Foriba's reach but also positioned it as a leader in regulatory technology (reg-tech), further enhancing its role in transforming business transactions.

Through his membership in TÜSİAD and active role in the Women in Technology Association, Arukel demonstrates his commitment to broader societal impacts beyond financial success, supporting gender equality in the tech sector. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and corporate leader, Arukel contributes to the Turkish startup ecosystem as an angel investor and mentor. He supports the growth and development of startups with billion-dollar potential by investing in them and sharing his experience.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, details of his personal life, such as his fatherhood to his son Aksel, highlight his multifaceted personality, showcasing his different roles as a leader, mentor, and father.


27 APRIL 2024