Ahmet Atış

Atış Group Companies CEO

Ahmet ATIŞ, was born in Bursa in 1985. ATIŞ started his education life in Bursa where he was born
and completed department of Business Administration at Uludağ University.
He started trading while he was still at high school, and after operating in the retail sector for a short
period, he made the first attempt of his commercial life with the textile company that he founded.
In 2005 Ahmet ATIŞ took a step in contruction bussiness. He had a great success in short time.
Within 17 years ATIŞ YAPI produced 84 qualified projects.
By 2021, ATIŞ YAPI completed corporate structures of ATIŞ GOUP Companies and till now operates in
the sectors as Retail, Tourism, Design, Media and Technology with many brands.
Ahmet ATIŞ, who’s married and father of three children; He continues his duty as the CEO of ATIŞ