UEZ 2023

“POLICIES AND BUSINESS STRATEGIES TO SHAPE FUTURE FOR NEW GENERATIONS” The main theme of the summit to be held on April 27-30 in 2023 was developed as “One World, Common Future: Policies and Business Strategies to Shape Tomorrow for New Generations”. At UEZ 2023, within the scope of this main theme, by pulling the global economy out of its current bottleneck and “fragmented” structure,

attention will be drawn to the importance of an “open” and collaborative approach, “staying connected” and “balancing” between countries, between leaders and companies, as well as regionally, in order to create a better future for new generations. It will be emphasized that everyone living in the world shares a common future and destiny. It will be underlined that in the near future, all countries, whether developed, developing or underdeveloped, will be affected by the depletion and pollution of the planet’s scarce resources. It will be discussed how new social and economic policies and business strategies should be developed with the awareness that the whole world will share a common destiny and future.