Sinem Türüng

Metro Türkiye CEO
Sinem Türüng completed her secondary education at Edirne Anatolian High School and graduated
from the Economics Department of Boğaziçi University between 1994-1999. She joined Metro
Türkiye in October 1999 in the Budget Planning and Reporting Department, where she held both
domestic and international positions within the group. As the Budget Planning and Reporting Group
Manager for the Asia, Russia, and Ukraine region at Metro Global, Türüng was appointed as the
Administrative Affairs Group Manager at Metro Croatia in May 2006, and was promoted to Finance
Director in April 2008. In 2014, Türüng was appointed as the Finance Director in Turkey and held the
position of Metro Türkiye's Operations Director between 2018-2019. Since 2019, Türüng has been
serving as the CEO of Metro Türkiye.

28 April Friday 2023